Introducing Anna Sui’s Rosy New Addition to Fan-Favorite Fantasia Fragrance Collection: Fantasia Rose

“The Rose is such a romantic, feminine flower and a cornerstone in many of my designs. It is destined to shine in the enchanting world of Fantasia as the newest addition to the family: Fantasia Rose.”

-Anna Sui

Over the hills and far away in a fragrant land filled with pretty petals and sunshine like rose gold glitter, we fall in love with FANTASIA ROSE, the newest addition to the fan-favorite Fantasia fragrance collection. Discover the dreamy universe where unicorns dance and play in their carefree happiness, frolicking in endless rose-flourishing fields.


This Floral Woodyfragrance opens with zesty Bergamot and punchy Wild Berries, mystified by musky Ambrette. In the heart, romantic Rose and Sweet Geranium create a magical bouquet enriched with Aquatic Notes. A deep woodiness, provided by Amberwood and Vetiver, accompanies lighter heart and top notes. Musk grounds the fragrance with softness.

  • Romantic – Dreamy – Soft
    Top: Ambrette, Bergamot, Wild Berries
    Mid: Rose, Aquatic Notes, Geranium
    Base: Amberwood, Vetiver, Skin Musk

“From the earth with love, this fragrance is inspired by the never-ending sense of wonder and ever-changing facets of the queen of the flowers, the rose.”

– Perfumer Catherine Selig of Takasago



The Fantasia Rose design has transformed to match the delicate petals of a fresh Rose. Soft, rose gold enwraps the iconic galloping Fantasia Unicorn and adorns the elegant details of the bottle. A soft rose-colored elixir, hued to match the rosy scent, provides the finishing rose-tinted touch to the bottle’s appearance. Each fragrance comes in a chic box embossed with soft touch details and rose gold foiling adorning the edges.