Introducing ANNA SUI SUNDAE, the new fragrance collection by Anna Sui.

The Sundae collection is inspired by the many facets of the Anna Sui Girl. Three personalities are served up as flavorful fragrances representing Girly [Pretty Pink], Chill [Mellow Yellow] and Trendy [Violet Vibe]. It’s up to you to discover which personality fits you best!

“Next to fashion, there is nothing more fun than ice cream. The Sundae collection is the cherry on top.”

-Anna Sui

  • PRETTY PINK – Citrus Fruity

    Princessy – Cute – Girly

    Top: Pink Pomelo, Mandarin, Fresh Basil
    Mid: Plum Blossom, Bellini Accord, Blue Cyclamen
    Base: Crystalized Musk, Palissandre Woods, Crisp Amber

“This fragrance formula practically wrote itself from the bottom of a bowl of melting mixed sorbets.”
– Perfumer Jermone Epinette,Robertet

  • MELLOW YELLOW – Fruity Watery Floral

    Chill – Fun – Laidback

    Top: Sugared Lemon, Passionfruit Pulp, Mountain Peach
    Mid: Osmanthus, Crabapple Blossom, Jasmine Sambac
    Base: Vanilla, Plum Wood, Musk

“Inspired by sharing a sundae with friends, it is a shared moment of laughter, nostalgic innocence and pure indulgence. This cheerful fragrance is an ode to warm summer days brightened by memories and scoops of joy.”
– Perfumer Christine Hassan, Drom

  • VIOLET VIBE – Fruity Amber

    Cool – Trendy – Fashionable

    Top: Strawberry Cream, Lemon Zest, Cassis Nectar
    Mid: Red Apple Blossom, Jasmine Petals, Lotus Blossom
    Base: Pink Marshmallow, Skin Musk

“I was looking to create a scent that captured the joy of the smell and refreshing feeling of eating a cold ice cream on a summer day.”
– Perfumer Jerome Epinette, Robertet


Whether your Sundae pick is Pretty Pink, Mellow Yellow or Violet Vibe, the design is innovation scooped into a never-before-seen style. Each fragrance features a matte, frosted glass finish with decorative topping detailing for a rebound effect. Each bottle’s main touchpoint – and every sundae’s final touch! – is the spray-through cherry pump. All Sundae fragrances come served in an ice cream pint-constructed packaging with light-catching foil details to stand out and make an impact on your shelf.