Anna Sui invites you on an adventure into the clouds with her new fragrance Sky. Soar through the air as the wind carries you higher. Take flight to a place full of endless possibilities.
Here in Anna’s world, inspired dreams become wondrous reality.

“For my newest fragrance I want to celebrate the girl who never loses her capacity to dream, and the empowered woman capable of turning her dreams into reality!”

-Anna Sui


Anna Sui SKY



With airy effervescence, this floral fruity gourmand fragrance transports your senses to a sparkling magical kingdom in the sky. The scent opens with a welcoming kiss of juicy pear, mouthwatering bergamot and exhilarating pink peppercorn. Fluffy lily of the valley, rose and lotus flowers float through heart of the fragrance. The scent warms to a surprising and delightful finish where notes of vanilla pair with light crunchy popcorn.